Acting For Non-Actors

(Acting for Beginners)

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Cambridge, MA (Central Sq)

This is a fun and supportive course perfect for anyone who is curious about the process of acting and wants to try something new. We will explore the techniques professional actors use to help overcome stage fright, awaken creative impulses, and enhance stage presence using theater games, characterization, monologues, and short scenes. Build confidence, develop communication skills, and stretch beyond your comfort zone through the magic and power of acting.

Acting Lab

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Cambridge, MA (Central Sq)

Students learn and practice acting techniques through improvisational games, character work, and story telling. This course is great for anyone looking to explore their imagination, improve communication skills, build confidence, and stretch themselves creatively. Designed for both beginners and those with acting experience.

Scene Study

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Cambridge, MA (Central Sq)

A fun and exciting course where students build relational acting skills through warm ups and practicing scenes from contemporary scripts. Techniques in text analysis, motivation, and behavior will be used to develop characters and build relationships with fellow scene partners. This course is open to all levels of experience.

Acting at Work:
Theater Skills in the Professional World

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Cambridge, MA (Central Sq)

Is there some aspect of your general interactions with other people you would like to improve? Do you worry that you’re shy, have trouble with interviews, aren’t social enough, or have problems expressing yourself at work? Learn how to look at each aspect of your social and professional life for what it is – a skill. As with any other skill, your social skills can be improved with practice! Using the basic building blocks of improvisational acting, hone your social skills in a supportive environment, while having a great time and learning  techniques used by professional actors.




"Kelly is very enthusiastic, engaging, and knowledgeable. Passionate and patient - a great guide and delight to learn from."                                                                      - Nancy L.


"Loved it! The class was so much fun and great for getting over shyness and nervousness."                                                                     - Sam R.


"Kelly is very open and encouraging. She definitely works to make all the students feel comfortable."                                             - Alex S.


"I really didn't know what to expect from the acting class, but I ultimately got more out of it than I ever would have expected. The exercises and Kelly's teaching style spoke to me in ways that carry over in many areas of my life. I truly had some life changing experiences. For that, I am very grateful." 

                                      -Brian M.






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