Reiki Healing: An Introduction

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Saturday, 12 PM - 2 PM, Boston, MA

Reiki, which means “universal life-force energy,” is a Japanese healing art used to reduce stress and restore physical, mental, and emotional health. It is a simple, natural, and safe method of hands-on energy healing used to bring about deep relaxation and a renewed vitality. In this class you will learn a brief history, the basics of energy work, and how to address imbalances within the body system by practicing treatments on yourself and classmates. We will discuss energy theory and the healing process—as well as learn meditation, breathing, and centering exercises to help you maintain a healthy low-stress lifestyle.

Reiki I Certification Training

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10 AM - 6 PM, Cambridge, MA (Central Sq)

Teaches the basic principles and subtle techniques of working with healing energy using the traditional Usui methods to help individuals heal on the physical level. Participants will learn the history of Reiki, theories of the human energy system, energy hygiene and self-care, meditation and centering exercises, ethical issues and professional guidelines, practice giving Reiki to self/others, and receive the Reiki I attunements and certification. 

Reiki II Certification Training

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11 AM – 6 PM, Cambridge, MA (Central Sq)

Level II opens additional energy centers and connects participants to a greater volume of Reiki energy. Participants are introduced and attuned to the Reiki II symbols, which concentrates on mental and emotional healing. Distance healing techniques will be taught in order to bridge time and/or space, thus assisting in absentee healing with others. Participants will also learn how to use the Reiki symbols to tailor the effectiveness of treatments according to individual clients’ needs and receive post-training supervision.

"My experience with Kelly has been wonderful. She has a special ability in that she can sense and feel exactly what my body and soul needs. She is kind, compassionate, and an ultimate professional in her work. I recommend working with her strongly."    
   - Mona Wind, Stoneham, MA




"The Reiki I & II classes were a great experience. Kelly's an enthusiastic and engaged instructor who, in a true holistic sense, can lead a class of many individuals while always making each person feel included. I found her to be nonjudgmental, caring, and knowledgeable - and am happy to give her the highest recommendation."

               - A.H., Cambridge, MA

Reiki III Master + Teacher
Certification Training

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Cambridge, MA (Central Sq)

Level III deepens one's practice and commitment to Reiki over a several month period. Participants receive supervision, learn an additional Reiki symbol, and prepare to teach Reiki to others, if desired. 



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