Acting for Work (+ Life):
Using the Power of Play
for Teambuilding

and Leadership Development

An effective work environment requires a balance between left and right brain activity. As adults we are taught to “be serious” (especially at work) which can diminish our imagination and creativity. These two important elements are necessary in forming a vibrant and innovative culture that encourages employees to act as strong leaders while working together as a team. 


In this four (4) hour* workshop, attendees participate in games and exercises used by professional actors to build a cohesive ensemble. Indoors or outside, we use our physical bodies and props as tools to explore the following:


  • How working as a team promotes enthusiasm, inspires creative problem-solving, and increases productivity

  • How our connections and pacing (or lack thereof) impact our ability to receive and transmit critical content

  • How to be empowered as a leader and team member

  • How reflective listening plays a role in empathetic communication and understanding

  • How new approaches and styles increase employee satisfaction and performance

  • How addressing anxiety repairs flow, develops confidence, and promotes intuitive interaction

  • How personal histories color and fill gaps in our perceptions and effect relationships with colleagues

  • How to embrace diversity and reap the benefits of inclusion by increasing cultural awareness, knowledge, and skills



 All your team needs is curiosity,
and a sense of humor -




     * Hours of workshop can vary based on size and aims

 "Kelly came into our organization to help my staff and me strengthen as a team and improve our presentation skills. We not only learned to speak more confidently to and in front of one another, but surprisingly, more joyfully! She employed a series of exercises that allowed us to relax and have fun during what could have otherwise been a very stressful and intimidating process. She helped us clarify and organize our aims while teaching new and effective ways of working  together. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with Kelly and are very grateful for the tools she gave us. I highly recommend her services to any individual or business seeking development!"


Marlene Adelmann

Founder and Director

Herbal Academy of New England 



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